JCSBG was established as a corporate community to promote sustainable fuel procurement, central in ENERES Co.,Ltd, Kamisu Power Plant LLC and Zero Watt Power.Inc.

Palm oil is an oil which is extracted from the oil palm that inhabits tropical areas such as Southeast Asia.

Compared to other plant fat and oil, it is easy to process and inexpensive, so it is used widely from food to chemicals and has become the largest production volume of plant fat and oil in the world.

However, while the market expanding, there are concerning about environmental issues and human rights issues such as child labor and forced labor in areas with palm oil plantation.

JCSBG continues to pursue the potential of palm oil as a key fuel and believes that it is our social responsibility to aim for sustainable procurement of palm oil.

With the aim to procuring palm oil produced in a responsible manner from people and suppliers respecting the global environment, we will make efforts to procure in line with our procurement policy and work with various stakeholders.
For the palm oil can be accepted globally as a sustainable plant fat and oil material, we will continue to promote the responsible palm oil procurement.

Consortium Profile

Organization name:Japan Consortium for Sustainable Biofuel Generation ( JCSBG)

Date of establishment : 1 Apr.,2019

Established board member : ENERES Co.,Ltd
Kamisu Power Plant LLC
Zero Watt Power.Inc

Aim of establishment :

The consortium aims to help the liquid biomass-fueled power generation industrialist properly understand the social and the environmental impacts associated with liquid biomass fuels (primarily palm oil) and to enhance the sustainability of the power generation business.

Consortium Activities :

(1) Collection of the information on operation methods to enhance the sustainability of liquid biomass fuel and provision of information to members.
(2) Promotion of Exchanges of Information and Opinions with stakeholders related to liquid biomass fuel.
(3) Report on the status of activities to the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy.

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